1.   Company Secretary & Business Support Services 

We have full time company secretaries that have voluminous experience in providing tailor made solutions for clients who wish to incorporate companies for various purposes within respective fields.

We also handle the full spectrum of maintaining corporate records, meetings management, compliance with relevant laws and regulation governing businesses, corporate restructuring exercise, advising on corporate governance and best practices expertise in vehicles, joint ventures, and consortium purposes.

2.  Corporate Finance

We provide assistance and special attention for deserving individuals and corporations who need loan or financing requirements for all purposes and ranging from all industries. Specialized independent provider of corporate finance advisory for private and public-listed companies.

Managed by a team of highly experienced professionals, we offer a wide range of financial advisory and management service assistance to achieve the goal of managing equity fund-raising activities, such as initial public offerings and secondary fund raisings, as well as advising on mergers and acquisitions, general takeovers, reverse takeovers, privatizations, delisting, other corporate exercises, and project advisory services.

We do have strong collaboration with financial advisory partners and are licensed by respective regulators worldwide.

3.  Islamic Economy Advisory

With qualified and certified individuals in legal and Shariah advisory onboard, we offer a full suite of services ranging from Islamic Finance and Shariah advice that is enhanced by our extensive experience and legal insights in local and cross-border Islamic finance and Shariah-compliant transactions.

Our Shariah Advisors have decades of experience in structuring, drafting, advisory and consultation work in relation to Islamic finance, in the area of Shariah compliance, Structuring of Islamic finance and capital market instruments besides drafting of legal documentation, policies, manuals and procedures. We are also strong in Shariah governance structure and Islamic wealth management for various entities such as Waqf, trust and foundations.

4.  Licensing / Franchising / Permit Advisory & Services

We work closely with various federal and state authorities ranging from the Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Plantation and Commodities with respect to permit application and easing foreign direct investment into Malaysia.

We also provide consultancy management involving business support with regards to immigration expatriates’ services, talent programmes, MM2H programmes.

We have solid expertise in the area of land development and deal with authorities and legal experts for land surrender and re-alienation process and conversion matters in many states in Malaysia.

5.  Export Management Services : 

Verse* is also an import and export services provider located in the Australia, offering a range of integrated freight solutions to businesses worldwide with efficient and cost-effective end-to-end logistics services, including air and ocean freight, customs clearance and brokerage, warehousing and distribution, and their own global network. Verse* is dedicated to providing customers with timely, safe, and reliable services, backed by a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

Rosegate :

Rosegate was established over 4 decades ago, providing insurance and risk management services to a very diverse group of clients in various industries, developing comprehensive insurance programs. Being an independent owned and licensed by Bank Negara, Rosegate is involved in the business of insurance broking and is licensed to transact all classes of insurance including property, life, liability, employee benefits, finance, and motor as well as reinsurance placements.

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1.  Property Sales & Management :

Experiences in operation, control, maintenance, and oversight of real estate and physical property. We cover all types of residential, commercial, and industrial, plantation real estate.

At verse we have a dedicated team that handles sales and management of properties under-construction and completed Developer Units while creating tailor made solutions to increase sales by creating lease-to-own schemes, mitigating short falls on differential sums on the property etc.


2.  Investment :

We offer a comprehensive suite of investor services for both private and public listed companies. Facilitating the operations of core businesses through the efficient management of our customers’ public and private shareholder obligations which includes:

–   Companies (Ventures Capital)

–   Crowdfunding (Short & long-term fund)

–   Gold & Collectibles (art, classic cars, antiques, etc.)


3.  Debt Recovery & Restructuring Assignments :

We actively handle a wide range of complex banking litigation / insolvency matters for major local financial institutions, corporations and corporate borrowers in Malaysia. Our client-centric lawyers, with wide experience in both conventional loans and Islamic financing, provide practical advice and support clients’ litigation through numerous successful court proceedings in all tiers of the Malaysian Courts.

We also have been involved in debt recovery assignments and have been advising numerous Banks/Financial Institutions, Government-Linked Companies, Corporation on debt recovery, liquidation, restructuring, rescheduling in optimizing recovery and enforcement of security documents.

We are adapted and well equipped in managing high volumes of recovery and complex insolvency instructions, particularly during the economic recession.

We are also experienced in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms for banking litigation matters where amicable solutions are essential in maintaining good business relationships.


A) Calling Activity Centre

We are fully cognizant of the importance of the clients’ brand reputation and approach the collection process with the highest level of professionalism and employ industry leading ethical and fair debt collection practices. We customize our approach with every person we get on the phone with; Bookkeepers, payables clerks, gatekeepers, business owners, CFOs and CEOs.

B) Site Visitation.

We also conduct site visits in order to boost the successful rate of recovery from the defaulters. If we are unable to locate a debtor through the contact numbers provided or the debtor is not responding to our calls, then we will arrange for a field visit. Our staff of professional field agents will assist the debt recovery process through visiting the debtor at their office/business premises or home and conducting interviews which will help to locate missing debtors. We are also able to conduct third party searches in order to reach the targeted defaulter efficiently.

C) Legal Actions.

We initiate execution proceedings against any defaulters who persist to neglect and/or refuse to make any payment despite judgment having been obtained against them. We are ready to accept any instructions for execution proceedings among others Judgment Debtor Summon, Writ Seizure and Sale, Writ of Distress, Bankruptcy Proceeding, etc. We believe that we have a fairly reasonable track record of successful payment by the defaulters.

We are also experienced in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms for banking litigation matters where amicable solutions are essential in maintaining good business relationships.


Executive Taxi / Blue Cab : 

Awarded with 150 executive taxi permits issued by Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat (“SPAD”) dated 6 September 2012 we have engaged the relevant professionals and taxi management operators with currently 40 units of Toyota Innova 2.0 (A) Executive Blue Cab on the road and manage the ever-increasing demand of executive taxi services anywhere within the entire Peninsula of Malaysia.

Akarali : 

Tongkat Ali or Akar Ali (pronounced as Akarali in the Malay language) also known as Eurycoma longifolia, is a medicinal plant that is found in Southeast Asian countries and has been used for centuries in traditional medicine for its various health benefits. It has been scientifically proven to help improve libido, increase energy levels, improve immunity, and reduce the risk of developing certain diseases. Akarali also provides tailored advice and guidance to each individual customer, as well as manufactures high-quality and safe products, striving for excellence in all aspects of its services. With a focus on the Australian and New Zealand markets, we are proud to be their exclusive distributor and brand partner in this region.